The Puffin Review exists to give a voice to new writers and journalists.

Getting those first publications is crucial to a writer’s career, not only in terms of building a reputation and a record, but in terms of confidence. There’s also the matter of validation: it helps you cope with the dreaded day-job immeasurably if you have some publications to your name.

The Puffin Review wants to help writers take those first steps to begin making their name.

We have no limit on subject matter. Send us your delicate haiku poems about moonlight or meaty opinion pieces on welfare reform. You are the writer, and the floor is yours. Our only rule is that we demand quality.

We will publicise our magazine tirelessly on behalf of our writers and, following our first edition, will include a biography section of all contributors.

We will also be adding a forum to the site where writers can exchange advice and encouragement.

Julie McDowall